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The Chinchilla Corner
My Chinchillas

Information about the chinchillas my family owns.

Currently we have 13 chinchillas. They are...

This is a beige male. He's pretty sweet, but we don't hold him too often. He's the father to Sabre and Silver. I'm not sure how old he is, or where we got him from.

This is a standard colored female. She's Sebastian's mate. Even though she looks kind of scruffy (and has ever since we got her), she's been the most successful mother chinchilla we've had. She's the mother to Silver and Sabre. I'm not sure of her age. I think we purchased her from a chinchilla breeder.

This one's my baby... and a little stinker! He's a beige male, and around 8 months old. I think my playing with him so much when he was a baby went to his head (I used to let him run around the living room some), and now every time I hold him he fidgets and wants to get down to explore. He's still sweet, though, and quite friendly. Right now he's in with Ghost. You can see pictures of him on my chinchilla pictures page.

This is the younger sister to Sabre, and also a beige. She's very sweet and calm, and we have no problem holding her. She's almost 3 months old now.

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